Switching Blogs!

I wanted to let all of you know that I am switching my blog over to Blogspot for the additional support and functionality it provides. I will be working this week on getting a more user friendly subscribe button on the new blog. Thanks for your patience!

My new blog:


Newly redone.

Last night we took new pictures of my previous work that has been in my store. The pictures had turned out so much better with the lightbox that we didn’t want to wait any time at all! Here’s the 6 pieces that we redid – I think they are much cleaner this way 🙂
Steam Necklace
Robot Face

All items currently for sale can be found at: Victorian Clockworks

These are the bone shaped glass beads I will be trading something for in the next week or so. The glass maker is going to make me some of this ivory color, a few black ones and a few dark red ones. I’m excited to see what I end up making out of them 🙂 I should get them perfectly in time for Halloween!
Bone beads

Back from my Hiatus

After a really long break while looking for a new rental I’m finally making jewelry again! It was really nice to come back to all of the supplies I had ordered just before I stopped. All kinds of cabs, beads, and new wire colors, yay! Also – I built a lightbox for taking the pictures and Lisa’s pictures are turning out amazing! Hurrah for light!

So, without further ado, here’s the new items I have made – about half before the move that never made it up, and the rest after the move.

This first one is my most recent work. I finished this Steampunk dragonfly necklace just a couple of days ago:

34 Blog 1

I particularly like how the wings turned out with the copper beads. I will quite likely be making some more of these in a couple of different colors and maybe with different wing decorations.

This next one is one of my favorites so far. I have been steadily working towards making a more authentic Victorian style choker necklace. I’m getting much closer with the various chains and beads, but I still need to experiment more with replicating various types of lacy patterns. Still, I definitely like how this one turned out:

33 Blog 2

The cabochon I used is a beautiful blue-green and looks amazing in the light.

Next we have two Steampunk pendants/necklaces made from pocket watch parts my dad sent me this last winter:

35 Blog 1

36 Blog 1

Here’s another view of that second one – I couldn’t decide which picture to use for it:

36 Blog 2

And here’s a pair of wrapped skeleton keys – chronologically these came before the dragonfly. I am just getting a feel for how to wrap a key here. Though I imagine these would do quite well at a Renaissance fair:

37 Blog 1

38 Blog 1

Lastly here’s a trio of those Cthulhu brooches I make. I previously listed 2 of them here before but thought since the pictures are all new you might enjoy seeing how much better they look taken in the lightbox:

39 Blog 1

40 Blog 1

41 Blog 1

Remember, a Cthulhu brooch complete with the skull of it’s last victim is ideal for Halloween! 🙂

That’s it for today. In the next couple of days I’ll be back with the new improved pictures of the items that were already in my shop, along with some information about a trade I’m working on to acquire some really nifty glass bone beads for use in some of my Goth designs.
All jewelry is available in my Etsy store:Victorian Clockworks

Back on the market

I’ve changed my mind about keeping this particular necklace. It’s really nice and I want someone else to be able to enjoy it – I can always make myself one later on 🙂
Jeremy's piece blog

New Items!

Norwescon has come and gone and my jewelry has returned once again. I’m happy to have made a few sales there, including the winged beetle necklace I made, and I’m looking forwards to next year when I’ll have better jewelry to send. 🙂

Some of the items I’ll be blogging about in the coming days will be familiar to you and others will be new. We got Lisa a new camera this spring and she will be taking pictures of my jewelry now. Hurrah for higher quality photos! Now I just need a better background since her camera takes much better detailed pictures! I’ve been thinking a piece of brown or black velvet would be nice, though I’m not sure they are machine washable? Since I have trouble with new fabrics I will have to be washing anything I get several times.

This time around I have pictures of the Blue Steel Locket I made earlier this spring, along with a new Winged Cthulhu in Bronze, and a necklace I liked so much that I was happy to see it didn’t sell at the fair lol.

Here’s the new picture of the locket:
Bluesteel Locket 1 Blog

Here’s the new Winged Cthulhu:
Piece 29 Blog

And here’s the necklace I’m keeping for myself!
Jeremy's piece blog

Thanks for looking! The Cthulhu and the Locket are up in my Etsy store:
Victorian Clockworks

Prepared for Norwescon!

Things are finally ready for the sci-fi convention! I had an extra week, one more than I thought I would, so I ended up with a few more items than planned on. I was happily able to try out a few things I’ve been thinking about and some of them worked out really well! Of course, I made a few more Cthulhu brooches (including another winged one), and a larger necklace as well. I hope you like my new work as much as I do 🙂

This item was my first attempt at a wrapped key pendant. I’m sure my next one will only improve!

Piece 1

This next item went astray from my original design, so I turned it into a Steampunk Snail! hehe

Piece 2

These next three are more Cthulhus. I particularly like the Gunmetal one and will be doing more of those soon.

Piece 3

Piece 4

Piece 5

This next pendant is my first attempt of wrapping a larger bead. The bead is about an inch and a half or so (maybe 35-40mm) and made for some interesting challenges. I was starting to wish I hadn’t just run out of Blue Steel wire right after it was done.

Piece 6

I was almost tempted to keep this next one for myself! I’ll likely have to make another similar one down the road if this sells at Norwescon.

Piece 7

Here is my second Steampunk Medal. I was thinking about calling this one ‘Order of the Alchemical Automatons’. I enjoyed making the robot in the medal part, and how the gears on the bar ended up looking like an owls face. 😀

Piece 8

This necklace was really tricky to make. It’s made up of more layers that I have attempted previously, and took a lot of work to wrap cleanly. It is supposed to be insect like, but almost looks like a cross between a beetle and a rocket-ship. Perfect for Steampunk! lol. Other than the butterfly pendant that I am working on now, I think this is the largest pendant I’ve made so far. I used my favorite cab in it too, hopefully I’ll be able to get some more similar ones!

Piece 9a

Here’s another angle for that pendant.

Piece 9b

And here’s the final one. I think this winged Cthulhu might have turned out better than the last one! The wings especially were tough to make. I think my wing quality is going up a lot though!

Piece 10

Well that’s all I was able to get done! I’ve really enjoyed that I’ve found a way to more easily craft jewelry while working around my illness – it’s so nice to be able to make more 🙂

Unfortunately, none of these are available at my Etsy store Victorian Clockworks, but soon other items will be! Wish me luck with sales at Norwescon! (If you are attending, my work can be found at my moms clothing booth ‘Moonlighting’)

Portfolio and Convention

Hi everyone! I added a new tab at the top right linking to a portfolio I’ve been working on of my past and current work. Not everything will make it there since my early photos were taken at too small of a resolution.

Also, I wanted to mention that after next week, my Etsy store will be emptied out when I send the jewelry to my mom for the Norwescon sci-fi convention at the beginning of April. I will be slowly populating the store again as I make new items! If any of you are interested and live near Seatac in Washington, you can check out some of the jewelry you see here at the convention at her import clothing booth ‘Moonlighting’. Be sure to say ‘hi!’ for me!! 🙂

I’ll try to post pictures of the last few items I craft for the fair that won’t make it to my shop – stay tuned!